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Weddings and The Perfect Package


Setting aside some time early on to think about what type of wedding & honeymoon you really want is the best way of ensuring stress is kept at a minimum, budgets stay on track, and lasting, happy memories are created.

So how to decide between getting a wedding package or taking the plunge and planning your own?


Pros & cons

Wedding packages

Plan your own

  • Sticking to budgets
  • Packages can be easier to save for as you know the full costs upfront to work towards.
  • Planning your own wedding can cost less (or much more) than a package wedding. You have the flexibility to choose what and who you want involved from the outset.
  • Time saving


  • Packages can save time as the big decisions are already made for you
  • It can take more time to plan your own wedding, but fortunately NZ Wedding Directory can help save time by providing everything you need to plan your wedding in one place.
  • Personalised approach


  • Package weddings have already made the big decisions for you, and sometimes there is little flexibility around making any changes. It is worthwhile making sure you are aware of the things you are able to personalise when purchasing a package wedding to avoid any disappointment.


  • Planning your own wedding can make it much easier to personalise your day – especially if there are key areas which you do not wish to compromise on e.g. venue location, menu etc.
  • Family involvement


  • If you have a friend or relative who would love to be involved e.g. make your cake or take your photos, then a package approach might not be the right one for you as you will already be paying for this service. On the other hand, you might be happy finding a different role on the day so that these people still feel they can help out e.g. as an usher, doing a reading etc.
  • You get to choose however much or little involvement is provided from your friends and family on the day which could potentially save some money, and give a special role to someone who wants to help out.


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