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Tips for setting up your listing

When setting up your listing with The New Zealand Wedding Directory, please take the time to enter all information correctly and as accurately as possible. Getting the information right will help users find your listing and allow them to connect with you.

We also recommend taking the time to setup your listing with the “best” imagery, as this will help present your business in a positive light for prospective customers.

Please note:
Some subscriptions have limited features, the notes below are relevant to the full features available at the highest subscription tier.  Please view the subscription offerings for more information


When entering your title please take the time to enter not only your business name but consider including a little more about the business.

For example: Major and Minor Wedding Hire


The description is an important part of your listing, this provides easy to access information about your business or services and can be the difference between a conversion or not.

Remember to provide all relevant information you can including:

  • Open Hours
  • List of Services
  • Contact Information
  • Your unique selling points


The categorization of your listing helps users to locate your listing,

  • Primary Category – This is set to the most particular definition of your business operation i.e. Accommodation.
  • Additional Categories – For certain listings more categorical definitions may be required, where applicable, select the services required. i.e. Wedding Venues.



The location of your listing must be set correctly; this will help customers find your listing.

Map – Please take the time to select the coordinates of your business location – some addresses queried will not return the most accurate representation of a business location, the GIS coordinates will ensure that users attempting to locate your business from the system will find the correct location.

Social Media

Social media links are very important for modern businesses, enabling links to your businesses social media accounts can allow customers to more easily connect with you.

  • Facebook ID:
  • Twitter ID:
  • Google+ ID:
  • Linkedin ID:
  • Linkedin Company ID:
  • Pinterest ID:
  • Youtube ID:
  • Foursquare ID:
  • Instagram ID:

Banner Image and Position

The Banner Image presents across the top of your listing and should be uploaded with care to help present the best possible representation of your business.

                                                Recommended Size: 1800x1200 (height x width)

The banner image is presented in landscape format and centered vertically and horizontally. Because of the presentation method we recommend making the focal point of your image at, or close to, the centre of the image/photo for best presentation.
New Zealand Wedding Directory

Image Gallery

The image gallery allows an extra way for listings to communicate the presentation and/or offerings of their service. Uploading quality images will increase the overall presentation of your listing.
Please Note: Megapixels do not count in web, the composition of the photo is the most important factor, prior to uploading please consider resizing your images to reduce the image dimensions and file size.

Recommended Size: 1800x1200 (height x width)

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