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Markovina Vineyard Estate Reviews

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SIMPLY THE BEST!!! The Greatest host ever, Ms Rina herself, and the venue alone was absolutely AMAZING!!! I recommend anyone to have anything at Markovina Vineyard Estate. Most places have limitations & restrictions on what you can have, but Markovina made all my impossibilities POSSIBLE!!! The quality of the service, food, availability, music equipment, anything & everything I demanded, Rina made it happen. The price was also of course not only affordable, but worth every cent. THANK YOU RINA & ALL AT MARKOVINA VINEYARD ESTATE FOR MAKING MY WEDDING THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!! My guests spoke about the venue for weeks and more will be checking Markovina Vineyard Estate out. ps: even my limo driver complimented that Markovina provided the best service to customers that they've seen around Auckland. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST EVER!!!


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