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Dr Kim Jewel Elliott AC JP Reviews

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Thanks for making our day

For various reasons, we decided not to have a wedding – just a quickie marriage ceremony. We organised it at the last minute, asked the neighbours round to witness, popped home from work on a weekday morning and thought it would just be a matter of signing on the dotted line before zipping back to the office. We gave Kim little or no input as to what we wanted. Somehow, she still managed to make it truly an ‘occasion’ for us in every sense of the word. A charming and serene presence, Kim’s delightful ceremony perfectly captured an ambience and sentiment perfect for the two of us. She ensured we will value the memory as much (more!) than if we’d tied the knot in front of a cast of thousands. I realise now that being a great celebrant is as much a gift as it is a skill… and Kim is truly gifted. Thanks so much Kim, for quite literally making our day.
Simone & Stu


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