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Video streaming without WiFi or power for your Wedding!

Introducing iWitness Streaming, a new low-cost, low-fuss way of live-streaming your wedding to guests who are unable to attend in person.


Our one-person system is highly mobile and runs on batteries so we're able to go anywhere with minimal set-up time. No need to lay cables or rely on a venue's power or internet connection. We can stream high-quality video from anywhere with a mobile signal.


iWitness Streaming is ideal for small venues with no internet connectivity, rural locations or even out on the water.Being portable means one camera can film from multiple locations.  Start outside to see the arrival of the bride before proceeding inside for the ceremony, without the added complication or expense of multiple cameras.  We use a stabilised gimbal to ensure a professional look while the camera is in motion.


For the audience, we provide a password-protected video stream that can be accessed from our own website or even your social media channels.  We continue to host the video on our website after the event.


iWitness Streaming serves the greater Auckland region, including Hamilton and lower Northland.  We're happy to travel further afield by request.