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Are you looking for a refreshingly modern, relaxed, fun yet professional ceremony which will incorporate your love story & your ideas….. I can certainly help you with that! I have an extensive selection of suggestions and ideas on ceremonies – covering introductions, readings, declarations and vows. My commitment is to provide you a professional, personalised ceremony that reflects you both.

A little about me …… I love good wine & coffee & of course chocolate!

I love to work with couples who want to enjoy their wedding day & to reflect who you are, be relaxing, interactive & fun ….. if this is you we’re a perfect match so call me :) Don’t get me wrong your ceremony will still be emotional, loving & intimate – you just get to have a laugh & enjoy yourselves at the same time.

Planning a wedding can get stressful but lets work together to make your day absolutely fun & fabulous. I have a strict “No Stressing” rule ….. if you’re getting stressed ring me & let’s have a chat ….. having been a celebrant for 9 years chances are I’ve heard most stuff!

I ask all my couples ; Do you want your ceremony to be more fun or emotional? Most of the time the Groom say FUN & the Bride says EMOTIONAL! So the vast majority of my ceremonies are a beautiful balance between the two.

That’s what makes my ceremonies different & very popular, they modern, interactive & we all get to have a laugh & cry while you get married. You’ll have a great time & so will your quests.

If you’re not boring people why have a boring ceremony – finally you have a choice YAY

I’m big on getting to know my couple’s & not being a stranger on your day!

Thats why it’s so important that you pick the right celebrant …. if you don’t you’ll likely to get a ceremony that suits the celebrant – not you!

I have a high quality sound system available to ensure your family & friends feel part of your special day at no extra charge.