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You’ve met the one—and now you’re ready to make it official.
You’ve jumped in with military precision, planning each and every moment with care so the Big Day is exactly how you’ve always wanted it to be.

But what happened to the fun?
Getting married isn’t just about having the perfect day—it’s also about celebrating the perfect day and not having to sweat the small stuff.
At Blume and Darling, we’re the wedding specialists who give you that ultimate luxury. While you’re busy getting married, creating memories and enjoying the day, we’re in the background making sure everything runs like clockwork from the first glass of champers to
the last song request.

With so many things to get right, we’re onside to make sure nothing goes wrong, ensuring that you can enjoy the big day—in fact, you simply won’t hear about any issues because
our coordinators just fix them.

Our job is troubleshooting
With so much to plan and get just right, there’s a lot that can go awry, and our job is to work in the background to ensure that your day is stress free and everything you dreamed of.

We take care of the setup, allowing you to enjoy the moment. We will meet you a week prior to the nuptials to discuss your hopes, dreams (and fears!) and then take control of the details.

It’s your day—we’re here to make it perfect.