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Romance isn’t dead

Romance isn’t dead

Romance is back! Let’s embrace the all-important and almost forgotten R-word and take inspiration from this beautiful and romantic photo shoot styled and captured by a husband and wife team – Sephory Photography. The photo shoot is combined with some of Melbourne’s best creatives and professionals, including  Giant Invitations.

Desa, one half of Sephory Photography explains “The idea just came from our expression of love for one another. We are two big love birds so we wanted to tell a beautiful story through our own lens. Romance is something, that we feel, is missing in today’s world, so we wanted to reflect the importance of the small gestures and details that keeps us protected from today’s craziness.”

The shoot does not compromise on style, showcasing three carefully selected and exquisite dresses by Helen Constance, Calèche and Berta. Also included in the shoot is divine floral arrangements by  Chloe Lashay Floristry and luxe delicacy table set for two.


It is against the stunning backdrop of Mont de Soleil winery that this couple truly glow. The lush green, divine stillness and explosion of florals perfectly complement the images of young love and set the scene for the love story to unfold.               

The French-style châteaux situated on the top of the hill overlooks a panoramic view of the Yarra Valley and winery. Here the bride can be found languishing in bed, young, free and in love.  The drama of the location accompanies the couple in their days activities, adding significance to the innocence and simplicity of the scene.



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