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Ever wanted to get married in another country?

Monique and Dylan are high school sweethearts, who developed a real love for traveling together. After getting engaged they decided to have their dream wedding abroad!

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Abirami & Dilshan's Wedding

Abirami & Dilshan met in their graduate year at Deloitte. Despite having very contrasting personalities, they became good friends over the year. It took a long time for them to admit their feelings but their friendship evolved into love, and as they say, ‘The rest is history’.

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Romance isn’t dead

Romance is back! Let’s embrace the all-important and almost forgotten R-word and take inspiration from this beautiful and romantic photoshoot styled and captured by a husband and wife team – Sephory Photography.

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Ashleigh and Adam's Wedding

Ashleigh and Adam met on an airplane on the way to Thailand as she was on a girl’s trip and he on a boy’s. Together, they travelled the entire three weeks together and went on to stay friends for many years. Read on for their personal interview.

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