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The Guys Guide to Wedding Invitations

Guys, you may think this is just girls stuff and you can skip it to save time. WRONG MOVE

You don’t have to do a lot, but, || Warning || if you do nothing you may end up with “Don’t you

care about our wedding?”

Do This:

Show interest when asked. √

Make one or two suggestions from the list below. √

Caution, only offer opinions about design colour etc if asked,


If your fiancée’s parents are paying and they want to blow their money on their daughters wedding

then don’t stand in the way.

However, if you are paying, then you need to seriously consider the following list.


Use standard postal sizes for invitations.

Don’t get or make invitations that are a non standard size.

Chances are they won’t fit in a standard envelop and you will pay extra for a larger or non

standard envelop and postage.

Do this:

Find out the cheapest postal rates available.

Next, find an economical standard size envelope for that postal rate.

Make your invitations and other information to fit into that envelope.

Keep Invitations simple.

The bigger and more elaborate invitations are the more they tend to cost.

The more gold print and glitter etc the more it will cost.

Too much complex design and art work may increase the cost.

Look in discount stores.

Most discount stores, $shops, stationers, bookshops and gift shops have a good range of

wedding invitations well worth a look and save a lot of time.

Prices could be a lot cheaper then having your own printed, esp. if you are having a small or

medium size wedding.

Make your own invitations.

If you have a family member or friend who is good at art or crafts they may make, or help

you make your own invitations.

Or design and make one that you can have copied/printed.

Invitations don’t have to all be the same; in fact making each one different and personal to

the person/people invited can be fun and very personal.

Try making you own invitations and wedding programs etc on your computer. For ideas and

samples, look on the internet.

Ask guests to respond by phone or email.

Save on printing and postage by eliminating formal RSVP Cards.

You, your fiancée, and both parents will each need to keep a check off list by your phones.


guys guide to weddings

Copyright © 2010 by Geoffrey Hambling    

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