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My Wedding Magazine

Location: Auckland

My Wedding Magazine - a FRESH and REAL look at the New Zealand wedding scene. Now FULLY DIGITAL on iTunes / Android / PC – visit our website for information on the various platforms offering digital copies and subscriptions.

The Marriage you Never Dreamed of - Practical Steps to Extraordinary Lasting Love

Location: New Zealand

Do you want to build the best relationship you can in your marriage? This simple and straightforward book will guide you to do just that.

Poems and Readings for Weddings by Julia Watson

Location: Books

This inspiring book offers 70 poems and readings which celebrate love and union - and offer the prospect of a lifetime's shared happiness.

Heart Songs by Pinky Agnew

Location: Books

A collection of poems, prayers, readings and prose pieces suitable for reading aloud at weddings or commitment ceremonies.

Wedding Readings by Eleanor Munro

Location: Books

Selected from both sacred and secular texts, this rich collection of poems, prose, and psalms offers wise, inspiring reflections on the nature of love and commitment.

A World of Ways to Say "I Do" by Noah Benshea and Jordan Benshea

Location: Books

The words we choose with which to say "I do" reflect a couple's individual love and expresses their innermost hopes for what their marriage and commitment will be for their lifetime.

Diane Warner's "Complete Book of Wedding Vows"

Location: Books

Diane Warner's "Complete Book of Wedding Vows" is devoted solely to helping couples prepare and personalize wedding vows that are as unique and special as every other aspect of the wedding.

Wedding Blessings by June Cotner

Location: Books

A beautiful collection of poems, prayers, and toasts for all marriage celebrations.

The Wedding Ceremony Planner by Judith Johnson

Location: Books

The Wedding Ceremony Planner is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide that covers everything you need to know to create a beautiful ceremony text.

Perfect Readings for Weddings by Jonathan Law

Location: Books

Whether you're getting married in a traditional or a civil ceremony, your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. Carefully chosen readings can make the day all the more special.

Digital Wedding Photography by Glen Johnson

Location: Books

Professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson knows there's a huge difference between being able to take good pictures and being a good wedding photographer.

Wedding Bouquets by Wedding Flowers Magazine

Location: Books

The wedding bouquet, like the center jewel in the engagement ring, is a focal point for the celebration. The bouquet's colors, arrangement, and fragrance can express the mood and style of the ceremony

How to Have a Big Wedding on a Small Budget by Diane Warner

Location: Books

This book is loaded with money-saving tricks and organizing tips, as well as lots of encouragement, all designed to help you determine the budget for your wedding - and then stick to it.

The Art of Wedding Photography by Bambi Cantrell and Skip Cohen

Location: Books

The hottest, most lucrative trend in wedding photography is gorgeously illustrated and explained in this cutting-edge guide for professional photographers and those aspiring to be.

Words for the Wedding by Wendy paris and Andrew Chesler

Location: Books

This unique guide offers creative ideas for choosing and using hundreds of quotations to personalize wedding vows, toasts, invitations, and more.

Wedding Jokes by Helen Exley

Location: Books

A book of wedding jokes and anecdotes with cartoon illustrations.

Wedding Cakes You Can Make by Dede Wilson

Location: Books

Make the cake? Yes, you can. If you love to bake and are willing to plan ahead, you can make a spectacular wedding cake - and you don't have to be a pastry chef to do it!

The New Zealand Wedding Planning Journal

Location: Books

Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting, but there is so much to organise, and so many decision to make! This journal has checklists, budget planners, running sheets and plenty of hints and tips.

Wedding Guest Book by Ryland Peters

Location: Books

Your wedding day will pass far more quickly than you'd like, so create a record of the day with the beautiful Wedding Guest Book.

The Wedding Cake Decorators Bible by Alan Dunn

Location: Books

Ideal for beginning and experienced cakemakers, The Wedding Cake Decorator's Bible is packed with design ideas, methods and techniques for making and decorating unforgettable wedding cakes.