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  • National NZ
    My Wedding Magazine - a FRESH and REAL look at the New Zealand wedding scene.
    Now on iTunes / Android / PC - soon on Nook ... and of course in print!
    We're all about Kiwi brides and grooms ... or those looking to tie the knot in NZ.
  • National NZ
    Here is advice on how to make handmade wedding invitations - suitable for people for whom art is not their strong point!
    Find advice on materials to use and how to come up with design ideas.
  • National NZ
    A Green Wedding is not a new concept anymore. People today are far more aware of their environment and what impact they have.
  • National NZ
    For the funky and out-of-the-box bride, a steampunk wedding may be the perfect way to mix glamour and fun into a memorable occasion that will keep your guests talking for years.
  • National NZ
    All eyes are clued as a happy father of the bride escorts his daughter down the aisle to the awaiting groom. It can be the most touching symbol of a wedding.
  • National NZ
    Although planning varies from wedding to wedding listed are a number of the important tasks the groom performs or is often involved with.
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