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Waikato Celebrants

Select a marriage celebrant or Civil Union celebrant from around New Zealand for your wedding ceremony.

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  • Waikato
    Young and vibrant Marriage celebrant covering the South Waikato, Rotorua and Taupo areas.
  • Waikato
    Congratulations on your engagement! Now you are taking the first step in putting your wedding together in choosing your celebrant. Let me help.
  • Waikato
    I am a young, contemporary marriage celebrant in the Waikato area. My goal is to help you to create your perfect memorable moment. I will definitely consider travelling outside this area.
  • Waikato
    Celebrant for 15 years - Member CANZ.
    Taupo based.

    Memorable and fun [your wedding should be both!] and - unforgettable...!

    I have officiated at weddings from
  • Waikato
    Malcolm Gapes specialises in providing personalised celebrant services in the Hamilton and Waikato area.
  • Waikato
    I have been an appointed marriage celebrant since 1999 and am based in the Waikato.
  • Waikato
    I am a mature qualified Justice of the Peace and newly appointed Marriage
  • Waikato
    Justice of the Peace, Issuing Officer and Marriage Celebrant in Hamilton.
  • Waikato
    I work with you to create perfect weddings.
  • Waikato
    I would love to have the opportunity to help you plan a wedding ceremony unique to you and your guests. I will help you to ensure your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be.
  • Waikato
    Unique Ceremonies planned with couples in mind, ensuring their dreams are met, as well as legal requirements.
  • Waikato
    I would love to help you to have a wedding ceremony that is personal to you and just the way you want it
  • National
    It would be an honour to assist you in the development and delivery of the ceremony that will transcend all your expectations.
  • National
    My Wedding Magazine - a FRESH and REAL look at the New Zealand wedding scene.
    Now on iTunes / Android / PC - soon on Nook ... and of course in print!
    We're all about Kiwi brides and grooms ... or those looking to tie the knot in NZ.
  • National
    Ren-ai is here to help make your special day truly bright! Together we will create a radiant, happy occasion that you, your family and friends will always remember.
  • National
    Maree has many years experience as a Marriage Celebrant, working with couples to create a unique ceremony tailored to your specific requirements.
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Peta Hardley - Celebrant
Julie Lassen Marriage and Same-sex Marriage Celebrant


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