How To Say “Goodbye” to Your Parents And Stay Connected

Some pre-marriage counsellors suggest that people write a letter to their
parents mentioning a number of highlights from their childhood and growing years.

This would include a note thanking them for these happy memories, some of the life learnings they have passed on and the parents’ good characteristics you benefit from.

You may choose to give this handwritten letter to them on your wedding day.

The note may include a comment about how you look forward to this new phase of your life. Possibly a note about your plans and how you intend to work together with your new partner. A dream of the future.
It is always good to write about this.

Maybe also a note about the bonding of your new relationship, and the new family you are becoming.

Setting the stage for the future, this letter could also include a comment about the new relationship you look forward to as adults to adults rather than adults to children.

All the very, very best to both of you.
With much love.

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