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Steven Sandbrook Photography

If you are looking for a unique and different style of photography, then look no further!

My job, and one of the most enjoyable things in the world for me, is providing professional and beautiful photography in a style that is friendly and helpful.

My photography, and another of the most enjoyable things in the world for me, is a stand-out style that combines traditional philosophy and old-school methods with modern tools and flair. I don't own or use Photoshop, and seldom resort to modifying photos beyond simple development after they are taken.

My service, yet another of the most enjoyable things in the world for me, is borne from a desire to provide the best service in the world to you. Within and beyond the field of photography, you can always expect me to go the extra mile in everything I do.

My flair in photography is capturing natural expressions and attitudes in an engaging photograph. Many people have commented on this relaxed and captivating style, even in my more formal photos, and over the years it has almost unwittingly become a trademark.

I specialize in Wedding and Portrait photography, and also enjoy covering events. My skills are quite diverse, so if you have a project in mind, don't hesitate to give me a call or flick me an email.

Feel free to browse some of my photography which you can find in the "Gallery" page on my website, arranged by category, or if you just want to get an idea of what I do, you can watch the sample slideshow at the top of the gallery page.

The words on the back of the house bus in the homepage photo on my site:

"One life, one chance, live it"

Don't miss the chance!
(let me photograph it)

- Steven Sandbrook

Contact Details:

Phone: (06) 327 3966
Mobile: (027) 568 9118

PO Box 116
Wanganui Mail Centre
New Zealand


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