1928 Hudson (Vintage Car) Hire

Hudson Hire Vintage Cars, which is based in Hamilton (35 Te Aroha St.) now has as many as FOUR faultless, special and MATCHING vintage (1928) Hudson cars available for weddings in Hamilton and around the Waikato. One is a unique (the only one in the country!) 1928 LIMOUSINE which seats up to SIX passengers. The other three are rare 1928 standard cars which each seat up to FOUR passengers.

Now, our charges are VERY REASONABLE, starting at ONLY S345.00 per standard car! (including G.S.T.) for a wedding in Hamilton. What's more, this is for as long as our cars are required! between the Bride's pick-up and delivery to the reception i.e. unlike all the other wedding car hire companies we know of, we DON'T charge extra time after the first say four hours is up. No, $345.00 per car is usually ALL it'll cost you to hire a beautiful wedding vintage standard car from Hudson Hire.

Also, our cars are great to be photographed with, especially when using our COMPLIMENTARY fun photo props! Indeed, this is often described as one of the day’s highlights. They’re also decorated for FREE in your chosen option. And, finally, FIRST CLASS SERVICE is, of course, always provided by experienced CHAUFFEURS.

Like to know more? - then just click on the link below to go to our website for MORE INFORMATION, or to see some of the many EXCELLENT PHOTOS that have been taken with our beautiful vintage cars, or to read just a few of the OUTSTANDING TESTIMONIALS we've received, or to MAKE A BOOKING. Enjoy your visit!

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